Side projects: Are they worth it? What I learned from them.

While I was designing my UI Designer portfolio, I wondered if it would make sense to talk about Design side projects that I‘ve done.

Days later, the same subject came up in a conversation with a friend, to whom she believed that, in her case, as a UX writer, side projects could demonstrate a lack of experience. From my point of view, their exhibition would be a way to show a desire of exploring or even to get more practice about something. We agreed with the ideas.

The truth is that a side project doesn’t need to be exclusively related to your area.

Then came an introspection about the different side projects I’ve been included in — not only design, and I realized that the common feeling among them is freedom.

Over 14 years, I have been involved in some side projects.
Here, I’ll talk about four, of which two of them are related to Design.

  • The first, a writing blog. Where I wrote about love, life goals, bitterness, and everything that can exist in a teenager’s life. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I believe it’s one of the aspects that any designer should take into account when deciding to join this field.
    With writing, I learned to give more value to each word, even if it is a “but”.
    Nowadays, this blog doesn’t exist anymore, with a lot of regrets, but the leaning for writing remains.
2dot Digital Studio
  • The third was an Instagram page about food. It’s called The Pepper Cherry. The whole process was something that took more time from me than I was ready to waste. You need to make the food, prepare the scenario, while people ask if it takes too long, take pictures, edit, choose the most appropriate one, write the description, choose the right hashtags, and so on. Although this page still exists, I haven’t been sharing anymore.
    I realized that cooking is a hobby and not a passion that needs more time to devote.
Instagram account:

With those 4 side projects I’ve learned a few things:

  • I improved my methods of organization, not only professionally, but also at a personal level.

Therefore, they are worth it, in doubt makes an introspection, and you will realize that none of them are useless.



I’m a visual problem solver and user experience designer.

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